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YOU Are In Perimeter Control

During these dog days of summer . . .

the last thing on your mind could be your fence, or lack thereof.  But now is the time to think about the options available to you today.  Plus, you should consider making any deferred maintenance repairs to keep your fence in top condition.  Especially since Fall and Winter are just around the corner.  We can help whether you’re looking to install new or repair old.  We’ve developed informative blog posts and several web sites all about putting you in perimeter control.  So, let’s talk about some key ingredients.

To fence or not to fence:  When you survey the beauty of your land, you have to wonder if a fence will do it justice.  The good news is that modern fencing presents many gorgeous options.  Sometimes a fencing requirement is self-evident; safety for small children and pets is one of the biggest reasons.  Privacy concerns for sun-worshipers go hand-in-hand with protecting attractive nuisances.  Swimming pools and hot tubs are a big chunk of that equation.  Simply adding value to your home is reason enough.  Not to mention marking your property boundaries, and adding a layer of security to your home.  And, don’t forget about farm fencing for livestock and equestrian fencing.

The right fence for you:  Today, there are many options for your fencing needs in both styles and material.  We’ve broken it down on our web site into these categories:  Vinyl, Wood, Creosote, Chain Link, Aluminum, Vinyl Railing, Wrought Iron, and Security Gates.  There’s a ton of information so you can pick the material that best suits your fencing needs.  You’ll also find information on the styles of fences in each material category.

Commercial applications:  You can use any of our fencing materials for commercial applications.  But we also provide temporary fencing and chain link fencing for added utility, safety, and security.  Plus, the granddaddy of security revolves around secure and controlled access.

Don’t forget the Dura-Gate™:  Most problems that prevent people from being happy fence owners are due to irritating dragging or sagging fence gates.  It’s a natural phenomenon caused by gravity that can frustrate even the most amiable fence owner.  Our solution: Dura-Gate™ metal fence gate frames fully adjustable and engineered for a lifetime of smooth fence gate operation.  Dura-Gate™ works for 4-foot wide gates up to 12-foot double gates for driveways.  Plus, we offer Dura-Gate™ Heavy Duty (HD) gate frames that fit openings up to 18-feet.

You can ask the pros:  After you’ve sampled the materials and styles, you could be in more of a quandary than before you started.  That’s where our professional fence experts come in.  Our sales staff can answer all your questions and put you on the right road to fencing Nirvana.  If you can’t decide, contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Have it your way:  We empower ordinary people to make great fencing decisions.  You can opt for our sales staff to lead you through the decision process.  Then have our highly-trained installation crews install your fence with little to no hassle.  Or, you can jump on our DiYFenceParts.com web site.  Then use our Fence Estimator to order all the parts you need and install the fence yourself.

Installation timing:  You may be wondering when the best time is to install it your fence  There are as many answers as there are people who ask.  But if you live in our service area, there’s never really a bad time.  Historically, we have ten great months each year in the Tennessee Valley.  Our  average temperature is well above freezing and even the coldest months – January and February – are relatively mild.

“You’ll love us around your place!” isn’t just a really clever tag line.  It’s our commitment to provide you with the best fencing solutions available today.  Every day is the best day to move forward with the installation or maintenance of your fence.  That’s because of our area’s climate and our staff’s expertise.  Contact us through our web site or call us at (256) 883-0404.  Or drop by our office at 1035 A Cleaner Way, Huntsville, Alabama 35805.  We look forward to helping you become our next satisfied customer!

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