Wood Fencing

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing seems to be the most common of fences. It can be done in several different styles from picket to full privacy. It can provide that simple dollhouse look or add to the security of your home.

The most popular wood fences we do are made of pressure treated pine, both standard and premium, cedar and redwood. What you need to think about when making your wood choice is the type of maintenance required to get the optimum life. Generally this will require painting or staining the wood as there is no such thing as maintenance free or weatherproof wood. Privacy fences have several different options when it comes to design and erection, from full-privacy to semi-privacy helping define your own personal space while helping compliment your landscaping. Other options include picket, and split rail. Accent points for wooden fences are endless.

Wood fence styles include dog-eared, arch cut, swag out, shadowbox, cap and trim, and the possibilities are endless!


We offer several styles of wood fences. Click on the style of fence below to see more information and options for the style.

 Board To Board Fence Styles

 Shadowbox Fence Styles

Cap and Trim Fence Styles

Picket Fence Picket Fence Styles

Split Rail Fence Farm and Ranch Styles

 Custom Fence Style

Our Wood Fence Gallery

Check out our photo gallery and be sure to note any photos that you would like to discuss or reference to when contacting Tennessee Valley Fence.

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Wood Fence
Picket Fence
Wood Fence
Wood Fence

Shadowbox Fence with Swag (or Scalloped) Top with Columns.

Shadowbox fence

Arched Shadowbox Fence, Arched with Columns

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Commercial Fence
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Wood FencePicket FenceWood FenceWood FenceShadowbox fenceCommercial Fence

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