Hi my name is Janet G and just had a fence installed from Keith and Travis. … They both did a excellent job installing our fence. It was done within a few days with great quality. They both had a awesome personality and walked me through every process to assure I would be satisfied. Please submit a 5 star for our two outstanding employees. I have already recommended your fence company to a friend… . Thank You again ~March 2018

Janet G

We love our coyote bar chain link fence. Thanks to Tennessee Valley Fence and to ” Ronnie and T” for the professional installation. Review coyote bar on U Tube to see if your precious babies, with paws, deserve this protection. ~March 2018

Janice H

This company did what they said.

Ronnie & T built my fence & it was not an easy job by any means ! Huge pecan tree was an obstacle

( root system). The fence is gorgeous !!! And they cleaned up after job was done. ~March 2018

Terri H

We recently had a “board-to-board” style fence installed by this company and it was truly a great job. Jonathon and his partner removed the old chain-link fence and installed the new one within 3 days, on top of cutting down a lot of small trees and brush along the fence line. Thank you guys and I strongly recommend TVF!!! ~March 2018

Marshall L

We decided to have TVF build our fence! Our overall experience was fantastic! The fence looks amazing. The first sales guy sold my husband on using TVF and their relatively short wait time & quick turnaround from beginning to end was even better. The first sales guy was difficult to get a hold of to get the contract signed so that we could get on the schedule so I contacted home office & they sent a separate sales guy back out to the house. They called on the day they wanted to start the fence so it left us with little time to make arrangements. They set the post on Friday & made a mistake and set 4×6 posts instead of 6×6 post; however, our sales guy came straight to my house & contacted the crew to make them aware of the mistake & it was corrected Saturday. None of this bothered us too much because it was easily fixed. Our BIGGEST complaint is the fact that they didn’t run a magnet to pick up the 13 screws and numerous nails that were dropped. We had the fence built so that our puppy would have a place to run around and the screws & nails could have been deadly if we hadn’t walked around to pick them up. So, my recommendation is that you walk your fenced in yard before letting your animals loose EDIT: I updated this from a 4 start to a 5 star because they saw my review on Facebook and addressed my concerns. They shared the constructive criticism with the team & are working with towards a solution so that left behind nails, screw, & other things aren’t left behind. I’m amazed that they responded and took my review seriously! Would definitely recommend! ~February 2018

Kristy H

Ronnie and T did a great job. They were super nice and very professional. I would definitely use again and recommend to anyone. ~February 2018

David C

Tony and Chris did a great job on our fence. We opted for horizontal slats on our privacy fencing and it really turned out beautiful! ~February 2018

Kimberly H

I would just like to say what a good job Ronnie and T did repairing my wood fence gate door, they came out quickly made the necessary repairs to the gate and made sure the work area was clean before they left. ~February 2018

Jerrell M

We have had two fence installations completed by Tennessee Valley Fence recently. The work was satisfactory and the workers were friendly. Donnie installed the gates around our pool to finish the job. We are pleased that our dog sand grand kids are now restricted from entering the pool area. ~February 2018

Terry L

Ronnie and T just installed a new gate for us and we’re very pleased with their work. They were very personable and professional. They took extra care to clean up the area and remove the old gate. I highly recommend Tennessee Valley Fence. 🙂 ~February 2018

Larry T.

Ronnie & T were Awesome! I really appreciate the hard work and kindness they displayed. Thanks guys for bringing PRIME service! ~February 2018

Ronald R.

Donnie and Keith worked really hard to get our gate up initially in the rain, then in the freezing cold. They also replaced some of our fence. We are super happy with their work! Pic in the comments. ~ 2018

Michele W.

Tennessee Valley Fence did an excellent job installing handrails and a 4′ aluminum gate on my wood fence. Donnie and Keith were very professional and knowledgeable during the installation process. I have received several positive comments on the curved rails installed on the front porch. ~ January 2018

Carol M.

Install team was on time and kept up great communication during the job. Donnie and his crew were great to work with. Thanks. ~January 2018

Karl G.

Overall, I’m happy with the vinyl fence that TVF installed at my home 3 years ago. Recently, I had to call TVF to have a few of the posts reset and a gate adjusted. Today, Donnie and Keith from TVF came out and did the repairs, and it looks like they did an excellent job. They reset the posts properly, and installed a couple of new pieces of top railing. They were respectful of me and my property. FIVE STARS for these 2 guys. My review is only at four stars overall for TVF, because I think these issues could have been prevented if more care had been taken on the original installation. I can say, however, that I would call TVF again for future work, and I would request that Donnie and Keith be on the job.~ December 2017

Craig and Stephanie E.

The railings look great and feel really sturdy.

Thanks for such a quick response. Both the railings and your help.

Merry Christmas ~December 2017

Gail F.

TVF did a very good job from what I can see tearing out my old wood fence and putting up a vinyl privacy fence. It looks very nice, appears to be sturdy, and the installer even back filled the dirt under the fence to make sure there were no gaps. The job took roughly the amount of time they said it would. The only thing I can even pick at is that some of the post caps were not glued down, which I took care of myself. Very minor inconvenience. So far, so good. My wood fence survived for 20 years, so hopefully the vinyl fence will last at least that long! Thanks TVF. ~November 2017

Trevor B.

Lloyd went out of his way to make sure I was happy with the repair of my fence. He was nice to work with! ~October 2017

Kelly C.

Tim & Donne repaired a 50′ section of our HOA’s fencing that was damaged in a auto accident. Professional, efficient and pleasant. TVF did a good job for a reasonable price. Very happy with the work our HOA received. ~October 2017

Mike P.

I have been a General Contractor in the area for 32 years. I have used numerous companies for fencing and experienced a variety of issues. I recently used Tennessee Valley Fence for a construction project and had a great experience. Justin Johnson has exceeded my expectations with the quality of workmanship and keeping me updated on the progression of the job. I would highly recommend Tennessee Valley Fence to others and plan to use them again in the future. ~October 2017

Jerry J.

I want to report that my experience with Tennessee Valley Fence has been very positive. Tim and Donnie arrived at my home first thing yesterday to install a new double gate that looks wonderful and works perfectly. While here, they helped to adjust another fence gate installed some time ago. I am pleased to recommend these folks. ~October 2017

Susan S.

TVF installed a beautiful wrought iron fence around our back yard last week. Tim and Donnie were the installers, and they did a very detailed and precise job, paying complete attention to the visual as well as the functional aspects of placement on our somewhat uneven terrain. They were very patient and pleasant to work with, and seemed to fully understand our needs. Marty, the sales rep, was also very attuned to the situation, and offered some very helpful opinions. Overall, I recommend TVF very highly for the quality of their work and pleasant and positive interaction. ~October 2017

Joseph C.

Tim and Donnie replaced the damaged panels on my 6 foot tall white vinyl privacy fence. They were very professional and diligent in their work and attention to detail, particularly dealing with the challenge of acquiring sufficient new replacement panels to match mine (this company originally installed my fence in 2010). I appreciated the communication flow and information sharing Tim and Donnie provided throughout this project…Tennessee Valley Fence has improved their Customer Service and Communication with customers since their 2010 installation of my fence. ~ September 2017

John L.

They were on time in every respect. The workers were cordial. The price as fair and work completed timely. ~August 2017

Rick P.

I cannot say enough about the pride in their craft, installation skills, and concern for customer satisfaction shown by Tim and Donnie…they have an ownership mentality and went above and beyond the standard expectation to insure our satisfaction with their work. The final product reflects it. Thank you; you deserve the five star rating. ~ August 2017

Kristin S.

We had a great experience with Tennessee Valley Fence after a lack of communication at the beginning of our relationship was cleared up. Tim and Donnie installed our fence exactly the way we wanted it. It looks great, and they were very helpful in explaining the care of the fence and what they had done during the install. I would highly recommend Tennessee Valley Fence! ~ August 2017

Leslie C.

We recently had handrails made and installed by Tennessee Valley Fence. They were easy to work with and delivered a great product. Dave took extra time to talk us through how the handrails were made and how they would be installed. We are very pleased with the results. ~ July 2017

Zilpha B.

Tennessee Valley Fence gets a (5) stars for the Amazing job on our fence. They we’re professional, the service was excellent, the crew was skilled and tidy, and they truly cared about making the customer happy! I could not be more pleased, and I highly recommend them. ~ July 2017

Millie S.

Did an excellent job! At the beginning of the project they had someone out quickly to give me an estimate on repairing or replacing my old fence and gave a detailed explanation of what they thought about the condition of the fence. After signing on to have them replace my old fence I didn’t hear anything back from the first person who came out to give the estimate. After I called them up to ask about the status of the project, they quickly responded and got the finances settled, then they were able to quickly schedule with me when they could perform the work. Tore down 310′ of fence and set new posts one day, came back out and installed the rest of the fence the next. The workers were very courteous and explained to me what they had done to prevent my new fence from dragging and asked me if it was okay. Everybody was very helpful and my new fence is great. ~ July 2017

Murphy C

I am very pleased with the craftsmanship of the railing I purchased and had installed around two porches and three sets of steps. The employees who made and installed my railings were David and Gene. Both were attentive to my needs and very thorough as I take care of an adult family member with special needs. I would use Tennessee Valley Fence again in the future. Through this process of the rails being measured, made and installed David went above and beyond his job duties. David really needs to be recognized for his customer service, craftsman ship skills, and his drive to make a customer satisfied and happy. I look forward to doing business again and would definitely recommend Tennessee Valley Fence to others. Thanks again!!!!! ~June 2017

Craig P.

Really appreciate all the hard work and great customer service from TVF. We love our fence and it looks fantastic.~ June 2017

Lauren M.

After some initial communication issues, the fence was installed above and beyond our expectations. Tim and Donnie are professional and conscientious. Thanks Guys!~ June 2017

Michelle O.

Tennessee Valley Fencing is a great company with honest caring people. I would recommend them to everyone. They did a great job on our fence and we love it. A big thank you to Tony, he was great to work with.~ June 2017

Linda W.

Keith and his helper did a terrific job. They came promptly, Keith was friendly and ver knowlegable. The repair is perfect. I even tried to get Keith to drink a beer but he would not!~ May 2017

Barry Z.

In 2 days I got my backyard enclosed with wood and aluminum fencing. The two guys doing the work did a great job! My dog is happy that she doesn’t have to go outside on a leash anymore! I would recommend this company.~ May 2017

Jutta B.

TVF did a wonderful job on my new fence. I also purchased decorative railing for my front porch. Both products exceeded my expectations. Work crews were on time and delivered everything promised. I continue to receive numerous compliments regarding my new fence and always ensure that I let them know how pleased I was with TVF.~ May 2017

Matthew S.

Excellent fencing and service. Tony Dean was very professional and knowledgeable.~ May 2017

Rachel H.

Tim and Zach did a great job on my fence. They were very timely and courteous. They worked with me to make a couple of changes on the fly and their attention to detail was very much appreciated. ~May 2017

Jim N.

My experience with Tennessee Valley Fence was wonderful! Randy was extremely helpful in planning what I needed to confine my 100 pound dog. My needs were probably different from the average customer, in that I wanted to include my deck as part of the pen I was creating for my dog. Randy had to decide what size gates I would need on my deck. The gates were custom made to fit my aging deck.
Keith and his dad built the fence. They went out of their way to make sure my dog was confined. They added some fencing under the ramp of the deck, which was not in the original plan. They worked late to complete the job. They questioned me as they worked to make sure that I was completely happy with what they were doing. My dog and I are both extremely happy with the finished product! ~May 2017

Mary B.

My husband and I are very pleased with our fence. After Tim and Casey completed the job, my husband’s first response was, “We should have done this years ago.” Thank you TVF and specifically Tim and Casey. You did a great job. We appreciate your professional attitude and hard work.~ April 2017

Rebecca J-T

The guys did a great job. Our fence looks so much better than our neighbors, and the gates our significantly stronger and straighter. TVF even came out after instillation to check on some weather stressed boards and replaced them on the spot. Customer service means a lot to me and is the reason I gave them a 5 star rating. Keep up the good work. ~ April 2017

Scott B.

I just purchased a new home in Madison, Alabama. The new fence was became warped during the curing process because of the excessive stormy weather that we’ve experienced this year. I was thoroughly surprised and pleased with the service Tennessee Valley Fence provided through their service providers (Jamie and Tony) today. They telephoned me and let me know that they would arrive today to replace the warped boards in my privacy fence. Jamie walked the perimeter of my back yard with me and reviewed the condition of the entire fence. Both Jamie and Tony worked quickly and proficiently to remove the damaged boards. They were both friendly and courteous. I was thoroughly pleased with the service they provided. I am so thankful that my fence looks like the asset it was meant to be. My utmost thanks. Sign me a very satisfied homeowner. ~April 2017

Diana R.

My husband and I are very pleased with our fence. After Tim and Casey completed the job, my husband’s first response was, “We should have done this years ago.” Thank you TVF and specifically Tim and Casey. You did a great job. We appreciate your professional attitude and hard work. ~April 2017

Rebecca J-T

The guys did a great job. Our fence looks so much better than our neighbors, and the gates are significantly stronger and straighter. TVF even came out after installation to check on some weather stressed boards and replaced them on the spot. Customer service means a lot to me and is the reason I gave them a 5-star rating. Keep up the good work. ~April 2017

Scott B.

Tennessee Valley Fence has built two fences for me at two locations. Both were up in 2-3 weeks from placing the order, and look to be of good quality and workmanship. Crews who built the fences cleaned up everything and left nothing behind for me to clean. Didn’t know it till the last crew told me, but TVF also build and installs power gates, too. I will use this company again for any future work. ~April 2017

Kevin W.

Very good experience with TV Fence. They returned after the fence had been up two years and added more concrete to the posts that were loose. Thanks Owen. ~February 2017

Tom P.

Very happy with our fence. very professional employees and got done in two days and the fence covered a very large area. ~April 2017

Lonnie M.

Tennessee Valley Fence installed my fence at least 2 years ago. I had it put up for my little dog so she could have a place to run and play safely. They were very nice to me. Last week the wind was blowing so hard that my fence came loose from my house. I called TVF and they came out after a couple of calls. I talked with Mr. Owens and he was kind enough to get the crew out here. The crew he sent out was so nice. They got a kick out of me trying to help them repair my fence. In fact, they could not have done it without me.HaHa!!! All kidding aside I like the job they did and they have nice people working for them (in the office and out doing the fence building and repairing). ~April 2017

Becky D.

Had an aluminum fence and gate installed last week. Looks great…even better than I had hoped! ~April 2017

Tom K.

I came to your company not knowing a great deal about any fencing company in Huntsville. I believe it was Billy Childers that responded to my call. He was most informative, not only of fences in general, but so very supportive of Tennessee Valley Fence and very entertaining. He went the second mile and gave (me) a very interesting tour of your plant, at which time I could see the actual product and pick out what I wanted. The huge oven (for powder coating) was the most impressive.

I could not be more pleased. The height and design compliments my new door. I’ve enjoyed several positive comments from friends. I’ll be glad to recommend your company to all. ~ January 2017

Catherine S.

I had internal stair railing refurbished and updated. The result was better than I could have imagined. I am very pleased with the railing and professional staff that removed, repaired, and replaced the railing. The cost was very reasonable and the quality of work was exceptional. ~ January 2017

Victor A.

Absolutely love our new fence. Quick installation and great workmanship. ~ December 2016

Samantha S.

Great job by Tn. Valley Fence! Tony came out and went over scope of work to be done. Also, Bill, the owner of the company came out to check on the progress during the job. Very pleased with work done and pricing seemed fair. Thank you! ~ January 2017

John W.

TVF did a fantastic job for us within 2 weeks of our order. They definitely went above and beyond our expectations and we are very pleased! The crew worked fast, left no mess and were professional and pleasant to work with. We had nothing but a positive experience and will recommend TVF to our friends and neighbors for sure! ~ December 2016

Lisa S.

Thank you so much for the fence! We love it and so does our new little puppy!

The crew was great! We will recommend you to anyone in need of a fence and will use you again at any future homes! ~ 2016

David R.

We recently contracted with your company (Tennessee Valley Fence) to replace a small section of our fence. It was not a big job, but we had some special considerations: we wanted the replacement to mimic our existing fence, so that required the use of 6″X 6″ posts and a custom post cap on top of the extended post. Aron B. and Bleu T. performed the work.

They finished their task on Monday (December) the 5th, with the installation of the post caps. The fence looks great, and it was completed in very short order. They even took the necessary precautions to block the open section prior to the installation of the gate so our dogs would not escape the backyard.

We are extremely pleased with the work Aron and Bleu did. Tennessee Valley Fence has two very good representatives in these young men. ~ December 2016

Gary H.

TVF did a great job! Fast, friendly and easy to work with. A+ ~November 2016

Justin N.

After I received he free quote, the fence was put up in a quick time frame. The crew was great! They were fast and very clean. The fence looks great and my new little puppy loves it outside! I am very happy with the fence and will refer TN Valley to any friends that are in need of a fence and will be using TN Valley for any other homes in my future! ~November 2016

Heather R.

Our fence is in and beautiful. We had some miscommunication at the beginning but TN Valley Fence made it right. We have the gates we wanted and the fence looks great. We will enjoy our backyard for many years to come. Thanks TN Valley Fence!! ~ November 2016

Glen N.

Everyone at TVF is very courteous, professional and helpful. They went out of their way to make sure the installation of my fence was done in a timely manner and done right. Thank you TN Valley Fence! ~ November 2016

Leeann E.

Easy to work with during the process of having our fence installed. My husband & I are very happy with our fence. ~September 2016

Patricia P.

I have used Tennessee Valley Fence for several projects now and I am very pleased. I would highly recommend them for any fence need. This last project involved the fence we shared with our neighbor. Both yards have numerous large dogs. They completed the project in one day! Be sure you check out their special gate that won’t sag. That is one of my favorite parts from the first TVF project. I am very happy with my fence! ~September 2016

Ellen B.

I am so totally thrilled with the wonderful job Tennessee Valley Fence did for us. We interviewed several companies to stain our existing fence and found every other one to be lacking in one skill or another. There was also quite a price difference among the companies but TVF held true to all of their promises and commitments. They were polite, on time for our appointments and quoted a very reasonable price for the work we wanted done. Each time I spoke with their office personnel, they were knowledgeable, helpful and seemed happy in each call I made to them. I highly recommend this company! Thank you everyone at TVF! ~October 2016

Cynthia B.

Great People. Came to my house did everything I asked and it came out Fantastic they told me two days depending on the weather and it was sunny and they finished in two days. I was not at home and I came back to a fully fenced yard. If anyone needs a fence just call them and I will be using them again if I ever move and need another fence. ~ October 2016

Ernesha T.

TVF was very easy to work with, crews were courteous and capable. A minor issue after installation was resolved quickly and to my complete satisfaction. In an industry where many are less than reputable, TVF shines above their peers. I would recommend them to anyone. ~ August 2016

Kyle L.

We had a wonderful experience with TVF!! They were professional, on time, performed excellent work and cleaned up afterwards. We love our new hand rails!! ~August 2016

Pamela C.

We had TVF install a fence a couple of weeks ago. The entire process was great. Reasonable prices and the fence was installed in the time frame they said. Office staff and everyone that worked on the fence were kind, friendly and very professional. I would use them again. Thank you for a wonderful job! Love my fence! ~May 2016

Tammy V.

We just had TVF put up some black aluminum fencing for us a couple weeks ago. The guys did really great work and also knocked it out in one day which was very important to us because we have two dogs that spend a lot of time in the backyard. ~May 2016

Keith F.

Could not have asked for a better service, The sales rep was AWESOME to work with!! They were able to get to the job faster than any other company and completed the job in a timely fashion. I will continue to use their services and would recommend them to anyone who needs to replace a fence!!!! ~June 2016

Frank P.

Had TVF install a privacy fence on two of my properties. They took care of both places at the same time with quality work. The ladies in the office were also helpful throughout the process. ~July 2016

Chris R.

I just have to say what a great experience we had with Tennessee Valley Fence. They have went over and beyond for us. I have dealt with many contractors and TVF is the best. We needed special color and special caps and we received it all with no issues. Our fence was put up on Friday it got damaged on Saturday by some fireworks they were here on Tuesday making the repair. They are prompt and great to work with. Thank you so much Bill and Owen for the great job and service you provide for us. ~ July 2016

Tammy C.

We had a picture of the fence we wanted, TVF delivered 100%. They were quick to make a quote, on time with execution, and the fence was exactly what we wanted. We also felt that the quote was very reasonable. ~May 2016

Dennis B.

My experience with Tennessee Valley Fence was excellent. I had a 6′ wooden privacy fence that surrounded our 20’x40′ in-ground pool. They gave me a fair price on the removal of the old fence and installation of a new powder coated aluminum ornamental fence around the pool. They removed the wooden fence and the wooden fence posts that were in the ground. They did an excellent job of installing the new fence making sure it was level and they were careful handling the new materials. When they completed the new fence installation, they hauled off the old wooden privacy fence and cleaned the area they had been working in. I am extremely satisfied with the entire team from sales and office personnel to the installers of the new fence. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to install or upgrade any fencing. ~May 2016

Bill W.

We bought our new and had the builder put up a privacy fence. Tennessee valley Fence did it and did a great job. So, when we decided to fence in a small area in our back yard we called Tennessee Valley Fence. They did a great job, just what we wanted. ~July 2016

William E.

I had my fence stained. It looks great. We are very pleased with the work and (will) definitely use them again in the future for any fence work. Thanks. ~July 2016

Harvey D.

“I highly recommend Tennessee Valley Fence!!! They did an awesome job with our fence it’s beautiful and the employees are nice and get the job done!! If you need a fence this is the company to call!!!!” ~May 2016

Beth T.

“We had our fence installed in February and I absolutely love it! They were prompt, friendly and even came to the house to pick my payment up when I called inquiring on how to get it to them. Tried to get Affordable fencing to come out to give us a quote and they never could seem to find the time to make it. Best decision I made was to call Tennessee Valley. They come highly recommended by us!” ~April 2016

Belinda J.

“Just wanted to let you all know how good you have been to deal with. Decided to do my repair project myself (but bought everything from you including Duragates). Josh was exceptionally helpful in making some custom pickets. Thanks very much.” ~April 2016

Darrin J.

We are loving our fence. It is so nice to take our dogs out in the yard and let them run. We were very impressed with your crew. They did a great job! I have already recommended your company to a friend of mine. ~March 2016

Kelly W.

Just letting you know that I am really happy with the work ethic and professionalism that your crew is showing.  They have always been on time and are always doing the right thing when it comes to safety and wearing of PPE.  They have become an integral part of this team and make my job easy. ~February 2016

Eric S.

Yesterday the workers finished installing a rivet in every panel of my fence.  They did an outstanding job.  The fence is completely stabilized and looks great.  Please pass on to the two workers that did this job my sincere appreciation for their outstanding quality and professionalism in doing this project.

Thanks so much for all the hard word and outstanding service I received from everyone at Tennessee Valley Fence.  Your professionalism is greatly appreciated. ~February 2016

Rita T.

“TVF provided excellent service from the first time we inquired about a new railing right through to the final installation. They presented many options and explained the differences and costs of each one without any pressure.

It was easy to make a selection and from that point on right up until the job was complete we had nothing but a good experience. There was good communication and they did everything they said they would do when they said they would do it. The railing they fabricated was just beautiful and installed very well. It has made our home safer and more attractive. We would strongly recommend TVF to anyone looking for a good company to deal with for fences or railings.” ~January 2016

Al and Carol E.

“A BIG Thanks to Tim and his two helpers! They worked even when the weather was terrible! Thanks to all!”
-January 2016

Judy C.

“Thank you for getting our fence fixed!  It is much better and I really do appreciate you guys going the extra mile. This is definitely an example of a company that believes in customer service and I will make a point to give this as an example next time I discuss customer service after the sale in class. – December 2015

Ivey M.

TVF put in a new fence on my property. I opted to go with the Cedar Wood. Great quality work. Workers were polite and efficient and stay late to finish the job. By no fault of their own, they hit a couple of sprinkler system lines (no way to really mark those without digging first), but they patched them right up, so no issue there. Came on time, even made a few tweaks I asked for, worked late to get the job done. Highly recommend this company. Easy access to all the folks there. – Feb-2014 

Kelvin M.

Contracted these guys to put up a privacy fence at our house and they took care of it within a couple of days! Not only were these guys fast, but there workmanship is very good. I had them put one fence post through the concrete of my driveway (for a gate across the front of our carport) and there were no issues at all, and no cracking in the concrete as well, which I was surprised by. I get lots of compliments about the fence as well.   Best of all, they cleaned up and didn’t leave any trace of a mess! Very good work, I highly recommend them.

Stephen Rice, Huntsville, Alabama

Thank you for the invoice. The fence is really beautiful. It was such a pleasure to do business with your company. Everyone that we dealt with was so professional and helpful. It was all a very positive experience.

Lynette F

‘The Mark of Quality’ is found in every nook and cranny of all our custom homes. Tennessee Valley Fence has been our go-to subcontractor for the past 4 years because of their quality and superior service. I’m always happy to refer TVF!

Steve W.Builder

Very, very good experience! Great to work with folks that deliver what they say they will do. The crew from Tennessee Valley Fence will do what they say they will do the first time. Yes, I’d absolutely recommend them to my friends and colleagues.

Tim Reeves

I’ve known Bill and Owen Roberts for some time now and we’ve been doing business professionally for over 5 years. They are really responsive and provide great follow-up. I’d highly recommend them (actually did so yesterday) because they are super innovative and ahead of the curve in regard to everybody else. Love what they are doing with their wrought iron work!

Les ThorntonBuilder

Over the past few years, we have had a VERY good relationship with Tennessee Valley Fence. Their commitment to beautiful design and quality craftsmanship makes my job much easier. They do what they say they will do. Great follow through.

Brian PogueBuilder

You have gone above and beyond here. Greatly appreciate.

Mark Schoeing, Dura-Gate Customer

Thank you so much for getting the fence up so quickly!! I cannot describe to you the happiness in our big dog’s face to be able to run around his new yard! Your guy’s did a great job. They were efficient, clean, and very hard working. They only stopped for lunch and maybe a break or two, and finished our fence in a day. Once again, thank you for doing such a great job and making our new “boy” so happy!

Kind regards, T. Baker

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done and to express my thanks for how professional and courteous both the fence building team and the gentleman who stained the fence were.

L. Versteaete

The fence is really beautiful. It was such a pleasure to do business with your company. Everyone that we dealt with was so professional and helpful. It was all a very positive experience.

L. Fairlamb

Thank you for the fine job you did on the fence and the subsequent touch up work preformed after the main job was done. We are very pleased with it, and we are very pleased with the way you two were so accommodating and professional. The man whocame by here to do the punch list on the fence did a great job sanding down the post and replacing the pickets on the gates. We appreciate the work on the job and we will recommend to anyone we know!

S. McCauley

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