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Fence Estimator – Tennessee Valley Fence Helps Estimate Your Project

Let’s say you want to nail down a price for your new fence & you quickly realize you need a fence estimator.

Maybe you need a fence estimator because you just bought a house, you’re building a house, you just found out you’re preggers & need a place for the exalted bambino to safely toddle about, you’ve just adopted an “outside” dog or an “inside” pup who would rather go outside than use the litter box, you just installed a swimming pool, or any number of reasons.  Face it: the job is at hand and you need answers and you need them fast!

Fast answers used to mean calling a fence company, scheduling a time for a site survey, picking out the style and materials, figuring out the number of single or double gates you need, and waiting a day or week for the salesperson to get back to you with an estimate.  That is totally old-school and it’s time to rise up and resist!

Now, with our handy dandy Fence Estimator on our web sites, Tennessee Valley Fence dot com, and DiY Fence Parts dot com, you can find your answers in mere moments.  We’re all about putting the power in your hands to answer the money questions.  Once you’re in the ballpark of where you need to be and understand the cost of what you want to do, we’re more than happy to step in to help set your plan in motion.

So what exactly is a Fence Estimator?  It’s a powerful on-line tool using GoogleEarth mapping to draw out your fence design and estimate the cost.  You include the style, materials, and add points on the map where your fence will be installed and presto!  Instant estimation that gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect on a final invoice.

Here’s a quick video to help you use our Fence Estimator:

Click here to go to TennesseeValleyFence.com, where you can estimate aluminum, vinyl, wood, and chain link fencing including installation charges.

Click here to go to DiYFenceParts.com, where you can estimate aluminum & vinyl fencing for DiY projects.

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