Change Is In the Air!

2019 is our 20th Anniversary year here at TVF!

After one of the wettest winters in memory, we are rushing into springtime when we collectively move from indoors swaddled against the cold to the warm embrace of the great outdoors.  Yippieeee!  But that’s when it could hit you: “Our fence is a mess!”  Or, “Why isn’t there a fence in my backyard?”  It’s natural and inevitable, and that’s where we can help.

At Tennessee Valley Fence, we spent our winter battling the elements wading through swampy grass to plant fence posts and set fences for people whose need was greater and more immediate than most can imagine.  There was inventory to take, and the general housekeeping businesses must do to maintain order and ready their crews for the busy season.

This winter was also a time of growth and realignment for us as we constantly strive to be your premier fence company in North Alabama.  We’re the first and only fence company who has a full-time CPA on staff.  We brought on Kevin McCurry, CPA, for many reasons but most important is so we can provide the best service and products at the lowest cost possible.  Toward this goal, Kevin combs through the numbers with a focus that would leave most of us bug-eyed and frazzled.  But he maintains a steady pace and delights in finding new ways to save money!  Yes, that’s a little nerdy.  But he spends his days finding ways for us to cut costs which is another way to say Kevin saves you money.  You can cheer now!  Kevin and his wife, Laura Katherine McCurry, have relocated from Birmingham and are quickly becoming an intricate part of our community.

We’ve also upped the ante by engaging David Schouten – formerly of Southeastern Installations – as our Controlled Access & Technical Services Manager.  While TVF has been a leader in the estate gate, security gate, and controlled access business in North Alabama for many years, David’s decades of experience and expertise in doing what other say can’t be done adds a new dimension to our ability to help you protect your family, business, and property.  The George Jetson days of cars folding into briefcases may still be beyond the horizon, but we already live in a world where your security gate will open hands-free via the proximity of your cell phone.  Stay tuned for new security technologies we will offer in the coming months.

Meanwhile, we haven’t forgotten our roots: fences and the people who love them.  Our product lines from chain link to aluminum to vinyl to wood, and farm & ranch fencing are available to peruse at our web site,  Do-it-yourselfers can find fence parts at our on-line store,  And don’t forget about THE solution to those irritating sagging and dragging fence gates: Dura-Gate, that’s available on-line and cash & carry via

So, when you find yourself in need of “Great People Building Great Fences,” be sure to contact us for a FREE consultation.  We are sure you’ll discover why we say, “You’ll Love Us Around Your Place!”

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