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Change Is In the Air!

2019 is our 20th Anniversary year here at TVF!

After one of the wettest winters in memory, we are rushing into springtime when we collectively move from indoors swaddled against the cold to the warm embrace of the great outdoors.  Yippieeee!  But that’s when it could hit you: “Our fence is a mess!”  Or, “Why …Continue Reading »

Vinyl Fencing – A Serious HOA Contender

Or: Just when you thought your HOA didn’t like vinyl fencing!

Throughout history, products come and go.  Some are instant hits like Coca-Cola, Pet Rocks, and the menu at the Golden Arches.  Others take a minute to develop like WD-40, bubble-wrap, Wheaties, and surprisingly . . . vinyl fencing.  Some of these failures are due to …Continue Reading »

Custom mailbox

Your Mailbox Says A Lot About You

(Wrought Iron and Aluminum Mailboxes Say It Best!)

People have been using wrought iron and steel posts to support their mailbox for quite some time.  Typically, wrought iron and steel are reserved for stately homes and large estates, but decorative aluminum mailboxes and posts are a way to enhance your unique style.  This is true for …Continue Reading »

Fence Estimator Blog Image

Fence Estimator – Tennessee Valley Fence Helps Estimate Your Project

Let’s say you want to nail down a price for your new fence & you quickly realize you need a fence estimator.

Maybe you need a fence estimator because you just bought a house, you’re building a house, you just found out you’re preggers & need a place for the exalted bambino to safely toddle about, …Continue Reading »

Full Cap and Trim Cedar Fence

YOU Are In Perimeter Control

During these dog days of summer . . .

the last thing on your mind could be your fence, or lack thereof.  But now is the time to think about the options available to you today.  Plus, you should consider making any deferred maintenance repairs to keep your fence in top condition.  Especially since Fall and …Continue Reading »

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