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Aluminum vs. Steel Fences: 3 Things to Consider

Aluminum and steel are excellent options when it comes to choosing a fencing material for design, durability, and minimum maintenance. Both aluminum and steel fences are virtually maintenance-free, meaning you’ll spend more time enjoying the yard — not working in it. And, at a fraction of the cost of wrought iron, aluminum and steel fencing provide style and security without breaking the bank.

That said, there are some important differences between steel and aluminum to consider when deciding on the right fence material for your home. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when choosing between aluminum and steel residential fencing:


Compared to traditional fencing materials like wood and chain link, aluminum and steel offer exceptional durability. Both are made to last. Aluminum, in particular, is impervious to the elements, and will not corrode or rust. Steel can rust, but when treated with a protective coating (powder coated steel), it is well-protected and virtually maintenance-free.

If security is a top priority (or you have particularly “adventurous” kids or very large pets), you may be better served with a steel fence. Unlike aluminum — also a high-strength material — steel fences are manufactured using a welded construction process, further reinforcing an already extremely strong material.


Both aluminum and ornamental steel fences come in a variety of styles, but it’s worth noting that aluminum fencing offers a wider range of color options. If complementing the style and color of your home is most important to you, consider an aluminum fence.

Steel fences are typically offered in fewer colors (black and bronze are standard).

Keep in mind that no matter which material you choose, a variety of styling options and accessories are available for both steel and aluminum fences. From pressed pear pickets to ball caps, tri and quad finials to arched loops, steel and aluminum can bring all the sophistication and elegance of wrought iron to your home — without all the cost and maintenance.


Compared to expensive wrought iron fences and maintenance-intensive options like wood, aluminum and steel fences offer incredible value. But steel is a bit more expensive than aluminum, in part due to its more resilient welded construction. Keep in mind, however, that extra money spent up-front on either a steel or aluminum fence will doubtlessly save significant cost over time. The ornamental steel and aluminum fences, feature protective coatings designed to minimize maintenance and protect your investment from the elements. Minimum maintenance, along with aesthetic appeal, can additionally increase the resale value of your home, as well, significantly increasing the long-term return on your investment in an aluminum or steel fence.

Protecting your investment is important, which is why reputable manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties on their fences. Make sure when shopping for a fence you consider this important factor, as well.

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