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Natural Wood Fence More durable than Vinyl!

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Our newest line of wood fencing, from Ozark Timber, Copperwood fences are are a long-lasting addition to your outdoor living space.  Whether you’re looking for ornamental fence to increase your curb appeal or a solid privacy fence to enclose your back yard or pool, Copperwood is the natural, beautiful choice.

Copperwood fences are manufactured from locally harvested pine (a renewable resource), then processed and treated with copper naphthenate.  Copperwood fences come in a variety of different styles.  When they’re installed, they are green in color (from the elemental copper), but weather first to a copper color, and eventually to a beautiful silvery grey.  Copperwood fences come with a 25 Year Limited Warranty, which guarantees replacement of any part of your fence that is rotted or damaged by insects.

Copperwoodis pressure treated with copper naphthenate, or QNAP8.  This wood treatment product has the best environmental profile of all available preservatives on the market.  It has been recognized by the wood preserving industry as the best treatment known for performance and achieving the highest results for preservation.  It is an EPA Unrestricted Use Pesticide.  There are no Federal disposal restrictions.

See The Copperwood Difference!

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25 Year 

Limited Warranty

One of the most common questions we get from Copperwood owners is about whether this fence can be stained.  Yes, of course you can stain it!  After a few years, Copper Napthenate treated fences turn a silvery-grey color.  If this doesn’t exactly go with the aesthetics of your yard, then you can stain it just about any color.  You should choose an oil-based product, because the original treating chemical is oil-based and a water-based stain will not bond with the wood.  Whatever stain you choose to apply to your fence does not change your warranty, but we won’t guarantee the stain itself.

Copperwood is made of  pine trees that have grown slowly in the high elevation of the Ozark Mountains, making a dense and therefore strong piece of wood.  Then it is treated with the preservative Copper Napthenate, which makes it resistant to attack from insects and mold.  The resulting fence will last a very long time, yet retain the natural look of the tree from which it came.

Copperwood will not cause health problems when used as an outdoor construction material.  In fact, animals exposed to shelters and watering troughs built from it have shown no adverse effects.

Copperwood has been used with success in greenhouse applications, and should not harm plants.  Because the CuNap is dissolved in a petroleum product, plants that rest directly on the surface of a Copperwood fence in the first couple of months after it is installed may show some browning.


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